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about matt letrs

Matt Letrs is the Founder and Principal Artist of All City Murals. He started painting in 1995, first inspired by a graffiti mural he saw on the side of a bridge. His indefinable style of lettering evolved from graffiti influences of the cities he has lived in: Atlanta, Miami, Montreal, Kansas City, New York. In 2010, he permanently relocated to Atlanta and was granted his first public art commission by Living Walls in 2011. Since then, he has received commissions from public, private and corporate sponsors like the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. 

As an artist, he has been experimenting with graffiti forms and concepts for over 20 years, but recently has taken a turn towards more narrative pieces. Seeking to come to terms with today’s society: its pressures, seemingly overwhelming influences; his pieces aim is to let the viewer know that they are the masters of their reality.